CTS Speakers Bureau

Introducing the CTS Speakers Bureau

The CTS is developing a Speakers Bureau (CSB), a progrm to provide non-branded education as part of industry training programs. 

CTS will develop an online selection menu with standard presentations of 60min, 90min and 120min. Companies and organizations will be able to select a presentation and a speaker from the menu to present a talk at the location and time of the client’s choice. Fees will correspond to the length of the presentation and will account for some minor customization, if necessary. Standard handouts will also be included in the presentation package with the appropriate corresponding fees.  

The initial program offering will be on the topic of the prevention of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD). With time, the program will grow to include modules on asthma and other relevant clinical topics for a variety of target audiences.

Each CSB presentation will be interactive and will employ dynamic educational exercises.  Each deck will be created specifically to meet the needs of the initial target audience of industry representatives. The most relevant topics to this target audience will be covered. All presentations will meet the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accreditation standards whether or not the event will be accredited.  A training program will be organized for each CSB module developed to ensure the delivery of content and presentation methodology is consistent across CSB faculty. CSB faculty will be CTS members who are considered among the top experts in their field.

More information coming soon!