Accreditation of CME Programs

The Canadian Thoracic Society is an accredited continuing professional development (CPD) provider under the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s Maintenance of Certification program. As such, the CTS is qualified to accredit CPD programs under Section 1 (Group Learning) and under Section 3 (Self-assessment programs or simulation-based assessment programs).

Section 1: Group Learning

To apply for accreditation of conferences, workshops and other group learning activities, consult the  summary of requirements and fill in and submit your application form along with the accreditation fee, at least 8 weeks before your CPD program takes place.  

Section 3: Self-Assessment Programs or Simulation-Based Assessment Programs

To apply for accreditation of self-assessment programs or simulation-based assessment programs, consult the  summary of requirements and fill in and submit your application form along with the accreditation fee, at least 8 weeks before your program takes place.  


The CTS co-develops and accredits a limited number of programs developed with external organizations.

Click here to access the CTS Co-development Policy. If you’re interested in having a program considered for co-development, send an email to for additional information.

All applications for co-development must be received before the development of the program has begun.