CTS Scientific Program

Scientific Program

The CTS Scientific Program is an annual accredited CME event held in conjunction with the CHEST Conference. The CTS hosts lectures and debates delivered by leading Canadian experts in respiratory medicine and research.  Certificate 2017

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Past Programs

2016 - Final Program

2015 - Final Program

2014 - Final Program

2013 - Final Program

2012 - Final Program

2011 - Final Program

CTS Honorary Lecture

The scientific program features the CTS Honorary Lecture. The CTS Honorary Lecture (formerly known as the Christie Memorial Lecture) is awarded to recognize exemplary leadership in respiratory research and education in Canada. The lecture is presented as part of the honorary lecture series of the CHEST Conference.

Background:  The Christie Memorial Lecture had been created to honour the memory of one of the major leaders in respiratory research and education in Canada – Dr. Ronald Christie. Dr. Christie was an inspiration in the development of modern respiratory medicine in Canada and was renowned as dean and head of the Department of Medicine at McGill University, Montréal, Québec, as well as being a major supporter of the CTS.

The award was renamed in 2012 to CTS Honorary Lecture and allows attribution to other esteemed individuals whom CTS wishes to recognize in a named lecture.

Past Lecturers

2000 - Clarence Guenter
2001 - Frederick Hargreave
2002 - Eliot Phillipson
2003 - Moira Chan Yeung
2004 - Magdy Younes
2005 - David Cotton
2006 -  Peter Paré
2007 - Peter Warren
2008 - John Remmers
2009 - Art Slutsky
2010 - Jerome Dempsey
2011 - Malcolm Sears
2012 - Susan Tarlo
2013 - Donald Cockcroft
2014 - Richard Long
2015 - Paul O'Byrne
2016 - Darcy Marciniuk