Membership Categories and Dues

Regular Members:

Members in this category hold a medical degree (MD) or a PhD degree. This category includes adult and pediatric respirologists, thoracic surgeons, internists, and academic researchers as well as other specialists and physicians with an interest in respiratory medicine.

Dues: $335 (1 year) or $900 (3 years) plus applicable taxes

Resident and Fellow Members:

These members are physicians (MDs) who are enrolled in a specialty residency training program (including respirology and pediatric respirology programs). These members may also consist of individuals who hold an MD or PhD degree and are enrolled in a post-doctoral program.

Dues: $95 plus applicable taxes

Healthcare Professionals - please register at

Dues: $95 plus applicable taxes

Student Members :

These members are students enrolled in an MD or PhD program. Exceptionally, these members may include individuals who are applying for a Society research award and have been accepted in an MD or PhD program, but have not yet enrolled in such a program.

Dues: $95 plus applicable taxes

Respirologists their First Year of Practice (RFYP) :

These members are MDs who have passed the specialty examination in respirology and are in their first year of practice as respirologists. RFYP Members shall pay the same membership fee as Resident and Fellow Members.

Dues: $95 plus applicable taxes

Senior Members:

These members are Regular Members who have reached the age of 65. Senior Members pay 50% of the current member fee and have all of the privileges of Regular Members.

Dues: $165 (1 year) or $445 (3 years) plus applicable taxes

Honorary Members:

These members are individuals who have made distinguished contributions to respiratory health and are recommended by the Membership Committee to the Board for approval. These members also include individuals who received honorary membership under the previous Rules and Regulations. The membership of all Honorary Members is complimentary. Honorary Members have all the privileges of Regular Members.

Dues: not applicable